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The Business Innovation Survey is performed by a team of specialist researchers and managers based in the Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators at the Human Sciences Research Council.

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Supported by 20 dedicated research assistants, the Survey team are committed to making sure each respondent’s experience of completing the survey is smooth and efficient. Whether it’s a message here, or a phone call, email or tweet, we want to hear from you—and we’ll do our best to attend to your question or comment as soon as we can.

General enquiries

Please send all general survey enquiries by email to and the appropriate individual related to your enquiry will contact you.

Contact a specific team member

  • Dr Moses Sithole, Technical Lead (
  • Cheryl Moses, Project Manager (
  • Dr Hlamulo Makelane, Research Specialist (
  • Dr Firdous Khan, Research Specialist (
  • Natasha Saunders, Innovation Survey Hub Coordinator ( 0214668000
  • Gerard Ralphs, Advocacy Lead ( 0214668000



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